Bomb Shelters Made of Concrete

by admin on April 12, 2011

When looking at underground survival shelters, the honeycomb pattern, concrete bunker, bomb shelter design is really intriguing.

Concrete Bunkers

With this unique bomb shelter design, you can create a simple underground room…. or you can connect the individual concrete bunkers to make a maze of rooms. Some folks are only looking for a simple one room bunker to flee to or to store their survival gear and food at.

Others are thinking much more long term and are placing these rooms in clusters of two or three or as many as SEVEN of them in a honeycomb fashion. I guess they have the right design because the bees could teach us a whole lot about community and colony living!

Because of the ability to assemble these underground survival shelters almost ANYWHERE, there are some survivalists that have a home under their home. Imagine having a COMPLETE hideaway home RIGHT UNDERNEATH your home you are currently living in! With a few hidden entrances to this underground shelter system, you can be totally safe no matter what happens to your home above ground.

Plus, you are able to totally furnish it out with survival gear as you go along. The concrete style bunker shelters are really a no-brainer for anyone wanting to have some kind of safe underground survival shelter to flee to, that is BOMB safe.

Many of this style of concrete bunkers are made of a combination of steel and concrete, making them 40% stronger than concrete cast at a normal building site.

Private and Inconspicuous

One of most important factors when building ANY survival shelter, whether ABOVE ground or UNDER ground, is that you really don’t want all your neighbors to know what is going on.

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